Your data.
Your partnerships.
You’re in charge.

Get up and running with Crossbeam in a few simple steps.

Connect your data.

Crossbeam Data Sources

Upload CSV files or use our library of over 70 connectors to pull data from the systems you already use like Salesforce and Stripe. Crossbeam automatically stays up-to-date with the latest data about your customers and prospects.

Curious about security? Find out more.

Define your populations.

Crossbeam Data Sources

Whether it’s your existing customer base, active sales opportunities, or other segments of your data, we provide an intuitive interface for defining key populations.

Partner up.

Crossbeam Data Sources

Our private company-to-company network allows you to connect with other companies, size up partnership opportunities, and establish secure data sharing relationships.


Crossbeam Data Sources

Help your company close more deals, build better products, focus on the partners that matter, and measure impact every step of the way. Explore a full library of use cases.