Crossbeam works where you work.

We pull data from the systems you already use and push results where you need them most.

Data Sources

Crossbeam can pull data from over 70 data sources, including leading CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, and databases. Some of our most popular integrations are below.





SQL Server



Our integrations, powered by Stitch Connect, pull data from the APIs of the systems you already use and keep Crossbeam up-to-date with the latest data about your customers and prospects. For a full list of compatible integrations, check out the Sources page over at Stitch Data.

Need to upload your data instead? No problem. Our CSV uploader lets you upload new data directly into Crossbeam and update it as frequently as you see fit. Learn more about populations >>

Data Destinations

Insights from Crossbeam can be pushed directly into your systems of record for maximum impact and efficiency.

Email Alerts

Configure custom alerts and summaries to keep you in the loop on new overlaps and opportunities in your partnership ecosystem.


Programmatically download data from Crossbeam for use in your own custom scripts or systems.

Slack (Coming Soon)

Push alerts about new overlaps or opportunities to Slack. We can push to your DMs, team channels, or the shared channels you have with your partners.

Salesforce (Coming Soon)

Store the insights gained in Crossbeam directly on the accounts and opportunities they influence.

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