Crossbeam Subprocessors

Last Modified: March 4, 2019

A subprocessor is a legal entity that Crossbeam engages to perform specific functions, as described below. Subprocessors have, or may have, access to customer data as-needed to perform these functions.

In accordance with our commitment to customer data privacy and security, and GDPR standards, Crossbeam keeps an up-to-date list of subprocessors that we engage. We perform diligence to ensure GDPR compliance for each subprocessor with whom we engage. We will proactively notify customers when there is a change to this list, and will provide context as to what data processing they perform on Crossbeam's behalf.

Company Name Description
Amazon Web Services Cloud service provider
Auth0 User sign-in and authentication
Autopilot Marketing Automation
FullStory User experience analytics
Google, Inc. Cloud service provider
Heap User experience analytics
Hubspot CRM and marketing automation
Mode Analytics Business analytics
Narrator Data analytics platform Syncing client CRM data
Segment Data analytics platform
Sentry Error tracking
Stitch ETL data platform