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Account Mapping

Automatically exchange account owner information with your partners when relevant overlaps exist. Use this data to connect your sales reps with their peers for coordination, collaboration, and co-selling.

Never miss a deal.

No more swapping account lists or oversharing your full sales pipeline. Only reveal information when you and a partner are have a confirmed match.

Eliminate false positives.

Use your partner ecosystem to close more deals faster. Map accounts to align your field reps. Enrich your data and position your sale with intelligence from partners. Co-sell with confidence. Crossbeam enables it all.

Always reach the right partner contact.

Forget about yearly or quarterly account mapping projects. Crossbeam provides accurate real-time mapping, keeping your reps connected to the right people even when ownership changes.

Know instantly.

New overlaps get created every day. Detect them in real time and use email alerts to notify your reps or trigger other actions.

Go where they already are.

Push account mapping results from Crossbeam back to Salesforce for easy lookup and access.

Partner Data Enrichment

Build a composite profile of your sales prospects by combining context and intelligence from your partner ecosystem.

Actionable data.

Partners can share data points that help you actually win deals. Request data about timelines, products, people, and behaviors to make sure you have the context you need to win.

Share on your terms.

Only share data about a company when your partner has an existing relationship that meets your requirements. Set fine-grained controls to manage what's revealed and when.

Automatic updates.

When your partner gets new data, you get new data too. As their intelligence about your matching companies evolves, the new data reaches you instantly.

Data where you need it.

Push data points from Crossbeam back to custom objects on your Salesforce Account records.

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