Stop competing with your own resellers and system integrators.

Channel sales can be a valuable go-to-market strategy, but it comes with its share of complexities. Perhaps most daunting is channel conflict, the embarrassing scenario in which your own direct sales team is competing against your channel partners to land the same clients. Crossbeam cuts down on channel conflict by providing visibility into overlap with your channel partners without forcing them to expose their entire pipeline.

With Crossbeam, you can:

  • Get sales pipeline visibility from their channel partners only in cases of pipeline overlap.
  • Create real-time alerts when instances of potential channel conflict arise.
  • Avoid false positives by building populations that are specific to key products or services.

Meet Chris.

Chris is VP of Sales at a company that sells desktop computers to schools and local governments. He has a direct sales force that is responsible for 70% of their sales, and the other 30% comes from resellers. These resellers also sell competitors' products and other types of electronics. Quite often, it isn’t until the final stages of the sales process that Chris’s team realizes that they are bidding against their own products, which are being sold by a reseller.

Everyone involved would like to avoid this situation, but resellers are unwilling to give the company access to their full sales pipeline because it contains deals and customers that are proprietary. They’ve tried sending quarterly spreadsheets of relevant opportunities, but the data is always stale and difficult to compare.

Enter Crossbeam.

By setting up data sharing rules that only reveal details when there is an overlap, both parties feel confident that cases of channel conflict with be detected early and automatically. These cases are handled gracefully, pricing is kept fair, and Chris’s channel programs flourish.

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