Turn your portfolio into a platform with data-driven collaboration.

Private equity firms strive to create real value for their portfolio companies, and this often comes in the form of introductions. Crossbeam serves as a facilitator and force multiplier for the network effects of investment portfolios.

With Crossbeam, you can:

  • Establish a private syndicate within Crossbeam where portfolio companies can discover cases of high customer overlap.
  • Allow portfolio companies to compare their current sales leads to the customers of other companies, finding mentors who may provide advice or assistance on closing key deals.
  • Track the growth in overlap among the portfolio over time.
  • Source new investments by identifying new companies that are high-use customers among your portfolio of companies.

Meet Camila.

Camila has made over 20 seed stage investments in B2B SaaS companies for her seed stage VC firm. Her portfolio meetups are well reviewed by attendees, but they only happen twice per year and the value created is very ad hoc and opportunistic in nature. She wants to scale this value creation and measure the network effects of her portfolio.

Enter Crossbeam.

Camila establishes a private syndicate in Crossbeam for her portfolio companies that proactively identifies cases where customer overlap is the highest and allows her to facilitate direct connections between those companies. Companies turn to Crossbeam to identify cases where new leads are already using other products from the portfolio and turn to those companies for intelligence, advice, and testimonials. Camila tracks the average overlap among portfolio companies over time using analytics in Crossbeam and includes them in the Investment Memo for her new fund, differentiating her firm from competitors.

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