Use data to find your next big partner.

Existing partners may be driving your success today, but how are you planting the seeds for growth tomorrow? Crossbeam can help by allowing you to discover, validate, and quantify the value of partnerships that have not yet been established.

With Crossbeam, you can:

  • Evaluate customer and prospect overlap on a percentage basis without exposing raw data.
  • Provide a low-risk first step for enticing new potential partners to the table.
  • Quantify the potential benefits of joining a partner program or attending a partner event.
  • Monitor overlap over time to determine if relevancy increases or decreases.

Meet Ying.

Ying was just hired as the first Partner Manager for an early-stage customer support software company. Her company has no formal partnerships program, and she has been tasked with launching one. There’s just one problem: they don’t have any potential partners yet.

Enter Crossbeam.

Ying connects her company’s data to Crossbeam and heads to her first trade show. In every conversation, she mentions that her company uses Crossbeam, and any potential partners can analyze the potential of their collaboration without exposing any raw data.

Many of the companies she meets are already on Crossbeam and are able to analyze their customer overlap with just a few quick clicks. The rest are able to join quickly and get back to Ying with a quick answer. Out of fifty conversations, she ends up with five amazing partners with highly aligned markets, and her partnership network is born!

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