Choose the rights targets and streamline due diligence.

Data is at its most valuable when a transaction is on the horizon. Unfortunately, data sharing in these situations — especially before parties enter exclusivity — can be a sticky subject. Crossbeam is the answer.

With Crossbeam, you can:

  • Provide visibility into a company’s most relevant data points without exposing the entire data set.
  • Quantify user overlap between populations without exposing customer identities.
  • Limit shared data to only cases where overlap exists.
  • Compare customer sets against portfolio companies or other trusted sources to identify backchannel references.
  • Impose fine-grained controls on how and when data is viewable.
  • Keep data up to date automatically throughout the diligence process.

Meet Tim.

Tim runs a machine learning software company that is currently in a sale process. The three top marketing automation software companies are considering placing a bid, but first each would like a copy of his customer list so that they can profile the customers they already have in common.

Tim says no way. If he shares the list with all three and sells to one of them, he doesn’t trust that the other two won’t immediately start targeting all of his customers with whatever competing solution they end up acquiring instead. Unfortunately, this means no one is placing any bids on his company. He’s stuck.

Enter Crossbeam.

Tim sets up custom data sharing rules with each potential buyer that only exposes the customers his company has in common with each. The rest of his customer list is kept secret and secure, but the acquirers have all the data they need to evaluate the investment. His deal gets done and his customer base is never fully exposed.

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