Use partner intelligence to create personalized customer experiences.

When it comes to user experience, every pixel is precious. Failing to provide an intuitive, uncluttered journey for your users can cause problems. Crossbeam uses intelligence from your partners to provide unmatched personalization capabilities, so you can focus on delighting your users.

With Crossbeam, you can:

  • Use API calls to Crossbeam to profile each user of your application and determine which partners’ products they already use.
  • Deliver personalized menus, filters, and experiences based on this proprietary knowledge.
  • Decrease time to value in the onboarding process, improving conversion rates.
  • Improve stickiness by increasing the number of third party integrations connected by your users.

Meet Sanjay.

Sanjay runs User Experience for a workflow automation company. Their product creates connections between 500 online tools like calendars, email platforms, and to do lists. Unfortunately, whenever a new user signs up for their platform, the first step is to choose an integration from the intimidating list of all 500 tools. Sanjay suspects that they can do much better in allowing users to find the tools that are relevant to them, leading to more integrations and deeper usage.

Enter Crossbeam.

After signing up, Sanjay quickly discovers that hundreds of these tools are already on Crossbeam and are eager to work more closely with his company. Using Crossbeam’s API, he is able to instantly identify which of the 500 tools are already used by each new user and highlight those tools during the onboarding process. This personalization drives up the integrations, usage, and retention of new users.

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