Stack rank potential partners by relevance and impact.

All businesses face resource constraints, which means that it’s critical to prioritize efforts. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to identify the partnerships that will deliver the highest impact, making prioritization a bit of a guessing game. Crossbeam takes the guesswork out of the equation, and allows businesses to make strategic, data-based partnership decisions.

With Crossbeam, you can:

  • Evaluate partnership potential before embarking on a strategic or technical commitment.
  • Make partnership priority decisions crystal clear.
  • Allocate precious engineering and business resources to the most impactful partnerships.
  • Create transparency into your product roadmap and projections.

Meet Aisha.

Aisha runs platform partnerships for a marketing automation company. Her team only has enough bandwidth to build one new third-party integration per quarter, but there are literally dozens of potential integrations they could build. Should she integrate with a CRM? An analytics tool? A billing system? The possibilities are endless, and deciding which to build is often more a popularity contest than a quantitative exercise.

Enter Crossbeam.

Aisha reaches out to her partner contacts at each of the prospective integrations and establishes a partnership on Crossbeam. Without sharing any raw data, she is able to quantify how many of her company’s existing customers and sales leads are actually using each of the platforms she’s evaluating. An unexpected winner emerges: a chat collaboration tool. Her team is off to the races, able to set their roadmap for the next two quarters with high confidence.

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