Use intelligence from partners to surface your highest quality leads.

Crossbeam lets you identify which of your sales leads are already working with your partners, helping accelerate deals, increase close rates, and keep your sales pipeline confidential.

With Crossbeam, you can:

  • Team up with partners to share knowledge about overlapping leads and customers.
  • Connect sales reps with their counterparts at partner companies who own the same accounts.
  • Score leads based on their existing relationships with partners.
  • Cut out slow and costly qualification calls.
  • Customize product positioning and packaging to match prospects’ needs.

Meet Jessica.

Jessica is the head of partnerships for a popular commerce platform that powers the shopping cart for thousands of ecommerce stores. Malik is her counterpart at a payment platform that helps thousands of online merchants accept credit cards. These two platforms work great together, and when the two are used side by side it makes the combined solution more powerful, causing both companies to see better retention and larger contract sizes.

There’s just one problem: Jessica and Malik are missing out on most chances for their companies to collaborate. For a number of obvious reasons, the commerce platform isn’t comfortable sharing its full sales pipeline or customer list with the payment platform (and vice versa), let alone taking on the huge task of keeping what they share up-to-date. This means that each company only finds out about new overlaps by chance. This often happens after the two teams spend hours on long calls, positioning products, and sinking too much time into qualifying opportunities.

Enter Crossbeam.

Jessica and Malik both set up Crossbeam to generate real-time alerts whenever a new lead is already in the other’s customer base. They also set up alerts for cases when both companies are selling to the same company at the same time. Now, with every new lead, the sales rep that owns the account gets an email alert if there is intelligence from the partner that might be relevant to their pitch or qualification process.

Over time, the partner managers at both companies are able to use Crossbeam to track growth in the overlap in their customer sets and changes in that growth rate since this program was put in place.

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